Deep Sea Co-op

Tue, 14/04/2015 (All day)
Deep Sea Co-op
Marquis Hall, Bangor

For our Deep Sea Co-op we had the honour of welcoming Marine Biologist Claire Goodwin who works for the National Museums Northern Ireland. She had just come back from a trip to the Antarctic and gave us a talk about her work collecting and identifying sponges. She also brought along her dive kit so we could see how much protection she needs to dive in such cold waters. Claire also brought along some of her sponge samples to look at under the microscope.

Before the co-op we had collected some seawater samples and were able to make slides up of plankton to identify under the microscope. We were able to identify plankton with the help of the publication Marine Zooplankton of Southern Britain which is available to download Marine Zooplankton of Southern Britain

There were also some underwater related crafts to entertain the younger children.